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Terms & conditions


1. If, during the first calendar month of service, you are not completely satisfied with our service we provide, you may cancel this agreement immediately. Unless you are in breach of any of the terms below we shall then refund, in full, the setup fee and service fee after deducting usage charges (call/mail/fax handling and forwarding charges).


2. The minimum period of service for telephone, fax and mail services is three months. Beyond two months, either party may terminate telephone, fax and mailing services by giving one calendar month's notice in writing (an email is an acceptable form of writing as long as an acknowledgment has also been received). We reserve the right to terminate the service without notice or refund if any of these terms have been breached or it is our belief that the service has been used for illegal, immoral or improper purposes. Upon termination of service, you must take all reasonable steps to notify all your contacts using this office of your new address, telephone number(s) & fax number(s) or the termination of use of your address, telephone number(s) or fax number(s). Failure to notify your contacts after termination may result in further fees or charges.


3. The appropriate set-up fee & service fee are payable in advance and our credit terms is payment within 7 days of invoice issue. If the service fee or usage charges are not paid when due, the service may be immediately suspended without notice and a late payment compensation fee of either £25 plus VAT for mailing/faxing services or £50 plus VAT for telephone and full virtual office services will then be invoiced and is payable before your service is reactivated. All calls, messages, faxes and mail items received shall be held and can only be collected or forwarded when such payment is made. If payment has not been received seven days after service has been suspended then the service may be deemed to have terminated. All mail held by us at termination of service shall be returned to sender or destroyed, as appropriate. Outstanding monies may be recovered by a debt collection agency or through a claim to the relevant County Court.


4. To receive our services you must provide us with documents that confirm your identity, company identity, address and other contact details as indicated in our registration form. We may, on demand, at the beginning or any time during provision of service, require specific original or copy documents (as appropriate) to confirm and verify details that you have provided us. Failure to provide such documents would result in immediate termination of service without notice or refund. You must inform us immediately in writing (an email address is an acceptable form of writing) of any changes to your contact details, including your email address, or change requests to your service. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service if we are unable to contact you appropriately.


5. All mail items received and business information acquired is treated as commercially confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside our company or partner companies we use in the provision of your service. We reserve the right, however, by virtue of Section 29 of the Data Protection Act 1998, to disclose information to the police or other enforcement agencies for the purposes of detection and prevention of crime and the apprehension/prosecution of offenders.


6. Mail can be collected 24/7 or forwarded to the stated contact address if applicable. Any changes to the contact address must be given in writing or sent by email. We reserve the right to open any items before collection or forwarding that may be suspected of containing dangerous, illegal, improper or inflammatory material or substances.


7. If mail items received exceed an average of 50 each month or more than 75 in any given month we reserve the right to add an additional levy of £0.10 for each item received.


8. The customer agrees that it will not use the services provided for any illegal, immoral or improper purposes and shall fully indemnify The Old Brewery Business Centre Ltd for any costs, expenses or losses, including professional fees, incurred in dealing with any breach or reasonably suspected breach of this provision by the customer.


9. Due to the type of services we provide any compensation claim shall be limited in total to one month's service fee. We cannot accept any compensation claim that is the result of consequential loss to your business and, by accepting these terms you fully agree to indemnify us from any such claim. You also fully agree to indemnify us from any claim, for whatever reason, from a third party and that any such claims will be handled solely and completely between yourself and the third party.


10. The Owners reception staff will distribute incoming mail into the mail boxes provided and will sign for any parcels or packages without incurring any responsibility for them. You must inform the Owner if you do not wish the Owner’s reception staff to sign for parcels and packages.


11. We reserve the right to vary any of the above terms & conditions by providing you one month's notice of such variations via an email sent to the current email address held on our records.

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