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6 Reasons Why a Virtual Office Address at The Old Brewery could Improve your Business

Working from home could be a temporary arrangement whilst the business gets going or it could be because the business doesn’t physically need an office space to operate. In either case it’s worth considering whether a virtual office address could be a worthwhile addition…

1. Your business will sound more credible

If your home address is printed on your business cards, on your website and any promotional literature it can make your business seem like a ‘1 man band’ operating from your dining room (which it may well be!) but a business address such as ‘The Old Brewery’ can disguise this and give the impression of a more established business.

2. Prestigious location

It’s only natural that when we’d like to find out more about a company we google it. With a virtual office at The Old Brewery, your potential customers would find that you’re based in the village of Castle Eden – a prestigious North East address.

3. Services as and when you need them

You can add on services such as an email for post notification or telephone call answering service whenever the need arises – maybe when you’re particularly busy or are away on business or holiday or rather than having to take on another member of staff to look after enquiries or admin.

4. Impressive facilities

If you need to arrange to meet a client, you can hire one of the on-site meeting rooms at The Old Brewery (at your business address, so it won’t confuse your clients – and will really impress them!). Choose from boardroom style layout with leather chairs, a classroom set up or the informal Garden Room.

Virtual tenants have complimentary use of the Atrium, where you can make use of the wifi and order a lunch from the onsite Bistro if you need to get out of the house for a while (or your internet goes down!)

5. ‘Try before you buy’

A virtual office could be a trial step to taking a permanent office. With a virtual office all you need to do is call in and collect any post (or you can have it forwarded to another address). You can upgrade your business address to the use of the ‘BrewHub’ if you need to use a desk or a computer once a month, once a week or a couple of days a week before you commit to an office full time. You’re not tied into a contract so you’re free to cancel if things don’t work out or your circumstances change.

6. Appear closer to your potential customers

Taking a virtual office could be a good way of having a ‘second branch’ if you have or would like to have customers in the County Durham area. Consumers like to do business with a local business so may actually choose your company due to your address. Plus the facilities at The Old Brewery give you a good base to work from for when you’re in the area.

Virtual office address packages start from £20 per month, please get in touch and we'll send you an application form.

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